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What is CipherCloud and How to Install It on Your Device

CipherCloud Download: How to Secure Your Cloud Data with CipherCloud

If you are looking for a way to protect your sensitive data in the cloud while complying with industry regulations and standards, you might want to consider downloading CipherCloud. CipherCloud is a leading cloud security software that provides end-to-end data protection and compliance for various cloud applications. In this article, we will explain what CipherCloud is, why you need it, how to download and install it, how to use it, and what are the benefits of using it.

What is CipherCloud?

CipherCloud is a cloud security software that enables organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliance risks and concerns. CipherClouds Cloud Encryption Gateway delivers an open platform with full security.

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CipherCloud offers a range of features such as:

  • Encryption: CipherCloud encrypts your data before it leaves your device and stores it in the cloud in an encrypted format. You can choose from different encryption modes such as tokenization, format-preserving encryption (FPE), or searchable strong encryption (SSE). You can also maintain control over your encryption keys.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): CipherCloud scans your data for sensitive content such as PII, PHI, PCI, or IP and applies policies to prevent unauthorized access or sharing. You can also create custom rules based on your business needs.

  • Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM): CipherCloud protects your data even after it leaves the cloud by applying persistent access controls. You can revoke access to encrypted files in real-time if a device is lost or stolen or if a user is no longer authorized.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): CipherCloud provides visibility and control over your cloud applications and users. You can monitor user activity, detect anomalies and threats, enforce policies, and generate reports and dashboards.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): CipherCloud helps you assess and improve your cloud security posture by identifying misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps. You can also remediate issues automatically and continuously with CipherClouds self-healing capabilities.

Why do you need CipherCloud?

CipherCloud helps you overcome the challenges and risks of cloud adoption by providing data-centric security and compliance for your cloud data. Some of the reasons why you need CipherCloud are:

  • Cloud data protection: CipherCloud protects your data from unauthorized access, leakage, theft, or loss by encrypting it at the source and applying granular policies and controls. You can also retain ownership and control over your encryption keys, ensuring that only you can access your data.

  • Cloud compliance: CipherCloud enables you to meet the industry regulations and compliance mandates for your sensitive data such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA, and more. You can also demonstrate compliance with audit trails, reports, and certifications.

How to download and install CipherCloud?

CipherCloud offers different versions of its agent for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download the agent from the CipherCloud website or from the cloud application that you want to secure. For example, if you want to secure your Salesforce data, you can download the agent from the Salesforce AppExchange.

CipherCloud provides a simple and secure installation process that requires authentication and authorization. You need to enter your email address and password to log in to the CipherCloud portal. You also need to enter a one-time passcode (OTP) that is sent to your email or phone to verify your identity. Once you are authenticated, you can install the agent on your device and start using CipherCloud.

How to use CipherCloud?

CipherCloud monitors and protects your cloud data in real-time with its Cloud Encryption Gateway. The gateway intercepts your data before it leaves your device and encrypts it with your encryption keys. The encrypted data is then sent to the cloud application where it is stored in an encrypted format. When you access your data from the cloud application, the gateway decrypts it with your encryption keys and displays it on your device.

CipherCloud allows you to set up policies and alerts for data discovery, DLP, E-DRM, CASB, and CSPM. You can use the CipherCloud portal to configure and manage your policies and alerts. You can also view the status of your cloud applications, users, and data. You can generate reports and dashboards to analyze your cloud security posture and compliance.

What are the benefits of CipherCloud?

CipherCloud delivers data-centric cloud security and visibility for your enterprise. Some of the benefits of using CipherCloud are:

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  • Data security: CipherCloud ensures that your data is always protected with strong encryption and access controls. You can prevent data breaches, leaks, or losses by securing your data at the source.

  • Data compliance: CipherCloud helps you comply with various industry regulations and standards for your sensitive data. You can also prove compliance with audit trails, reports, and certifications.

  • Data productivity: CipherCloud enhances your productivity and collaboration with cloud applications by preserving the functionality and usability of your data. You can access your data from any device or location without compromising security or performance.

  • Data cost-efficiency: CipherCloud reduces your costs and complexity by providing a single platform for all your cloud security needs. You can also leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud without sacrificing security or compliance.


CipherCloud is a powerful and comprehensive cloud security software that helps you secure your cloud data and comply with regulations. CipherCloud is easy to download, install, and use with its user-friendly interface and flexible deployment options. With CipherCloud, you can enjoy the benefits of cloud applications without worrying about the risks of cloud adoption.


How much does CipherCloud cost?

CipherCloud does not disclose its pricing publicly on its website. However, you can request a quote or a demo from the CipherCloud sales team by filling out a form on their website.

What are the supported cloud applications by CipherCloud?

CipherCloud supports a wide range of cloud applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Cloud Applications, Adobe Creative Cloud, DocuSign, Zendesk, Jira Cloud, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, Shopify Plus, Stripe Connect Express Accounts Platform Services (CAPS), HubSpot CRM Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS), Zoho CRM Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS), Freshworks CRM Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS), Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. You can also integrate CipherCloud with your custom or legacy applications using its APIs and SDKs.

How does CipherCloud handle encryption keys?

CipherCloud gives you full control and ownership over your encryption keys. You can store your keys on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid mode. You can also use different key management options such as CipherCloud Key Management Service (KMS), AWS KMS, Azure Key Vault, or your own KMS. CipherCloud ensure




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