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Where To Buy Pelican Cases Locally _BEST_

I'm thinking of throwing my mini trekker in it as well as any lightingequipment I need for the shoot, etc. I can then rinse off any dirtfrom the case when I'm done since it is waterproof. Is that a goodconcept? Is anyone else doing it and find any problems with thepelican cases that I'm not aware of?

where to buy pelican cases locally

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A few youtube videos later from some gun enthusiasts who use pelican cases on the regular, they use a product called Plastic Dip. A few coats of this product will help the foam bond better, and also add a nicer darker color looking much more customized than the original foam. This will be my first experiment with it this product and will keep you update as it handles some wear an tear. Another pro tip I ended up using super-strong double-sided tape to hold together the foam in the case together and in between the layers of foam, I added carpet tape.

I'm looking around for a case to hold a TOA130 type scope. I've seen a pelican case used to good effect. I'm also aware of the scope guard cases that look good. Not sure which way to go, or if there are better options.

Last year I was searching for a custom case maker that was in the Los Angeles area so that I could just pick up the finished product or have it shipped locally to save some money. If I remember correctly, in one of my searches I added the word telescope and found someone that was actually making trips to his customers to take dimensions or deliver product. This one man shop made custom cases for anything from musical instruments to huge speakers or amps that bands use.

Our in-house equipment includes 3 sets of Digital cinema cameras with a full range of ZEISS glass, Monitors, all necessary lapel/boom microphones, recorders,in pelican cases ready for local or international shoots. 041b061a72




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