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The 1174 peace did not deal with the long-running tensions between Henry and Louis, and these resurfaced during the late 1170s.[317] The two kings now began to compete for control of Berry, a prosperous region of value to both kings.[317] Henry had some rights to western Berry, but in 1176 announced an extraordinary claim that he had agreed in 1169 to give Richard's fiancée Alys the whole province as part of the marriage settlement.[318] If Louis accepted this, it would have implied that the Berry was Henry's to give away in the first place, and would have given Henry the right to occupy it on Richard's behalf.[319] To put additional pressure on Louis, Henry mobilised his armies for war.[317] The papacy intervened and, probably as Henry had planned, the two kings were encouraged to sign a non-aggression treaty in September 1177, under which they promised to undertake a joint crusade.[319] The ownership of the Auvergne and parts of the Berry were put to an arbitration panel, which reported in favour of Henry; Henry followed up this success by purchasing La Marche from the local count.[320] This expansion of Henry's empire once again threatened French security and promptly put the new peace at risk.[321]

Expansion - Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords 32 bit crack


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