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Parker Guitar Serial Number Decoder

The previous serial number decoder has not been available for 2005 or 2006 models, and there has been no definitive database for use with modern guitars. However, I found a new serial number decoder on Guitar World that uses a simpler and much less complex algorithm.

Parker Guitar Serial Number Decoder

To find the serial number for your guitar, grab the nut and fretboard from the guitar. Make a cut under the headstock from the edge of the nut to the middle of the fretboard at the 12th fret. The nut should come off first if your fretboard is glued-in. Once the nut comes off, pull out the fretboard, and slide it back and forth as shown in the picture below.

The decoder is written in the Python programming language that runs on most platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and most web browsers. All you need to do is visit the GitHub page and download the source code .

The decoder is tested for all models but the '85 to '90 models. That means serial numbers starting with the letters BS, C, DB, GS, W, Y, Z have been tested, but no matter what comes after those letters. So if your guitar's serial number does not start with any of those letters, its possible that the decoder has no way of knowing what year your guitar was built.

For the reasons above the decoder should give you a correct serial number 99% of the time. A rare (1%) case is when the serial number is 5 digits or less. In those rare cases, the decoder may return 5 instead of 4 digits. If you want to further verify that it is indeed a five digit serial number, you can download the python script and try running it on the serial number you get from the decoder. You can find the script on GitHub .


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